ButtonBorderStyle ButtonBorderStyle ButtonBorderStyle ButtonBorderStyle Enum


Specifies the border style for a button control.

public enum class ButtonBorderStyle
public enum ButtonBorderStyle
type ButtonBorderStyle = 
Public Enum ButtonBorderStyle


Dashed Dashed Dashed Dashed 2

A dashed border.

Dotted Dotted Dotted Dotted 1

A dotted-line border.

Inset Inset Inset Inset 4

A sunken border.

None None None None 0

No border.

Outset Outset Outset Outset 5

A raised border.

Solid Solid Solid Solid 3

A solid border.


This enumeration is used by ControlPaint.DrawBorder.

DrawBorder updates the display of the button when controls are initially drawn or refreshed.

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