ColorDepth ColorDepth ColorDepth ColorDepth Enum


Specifies the number of colors used to display an image in an ImageList control.

public enum class ColorDepth
public enum ColorDepth
type ColorDepth = 
Public Enum ColorDepth


Depth16Bit Depth16Bit Depth16Bit Depth16Bit 16

A 16-bit image.

Depth24Bit Depth24Bit Depth24Bit Depth24Bit 24

A 24-bit image.

Depth32Bit Depth32Bit Depth32Bit Depth32Bit 32

A 32-bit image.

Depth4Bit Depth4Bit Depth4Bit Depth4Bit 4

A 4-bit image.

Depth8Bit Depth8Bit Depth8Bit Depth8Bit 8

An 8-bit image.


This enumeration is used by the ColorDepth property of the ImageList class.

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