DataGrid.VisibleColumnCount Property


Gets the number of visible columns.

 property int VisibleColumnCount { int get(); };
public int VisibleColumnCount { get; }
member this.VisibleColumnCount : int
Public ReadOnly Property VisibleColumnCount As Integer

Property Value


The number of columns visible in the viewport. The viewport is the rectangular area through which the grid is visible. The size of the viewport depends on the size of the DataGrid control; if you allow users to resize the control, the viewport will also be affected.



The following code example returns the number of visible columns.

Private Function ReturnVisibleCols(ByVal myGrid As DataGrid) As Integer
    ReturnVisibleCols = myGrid.VisibleColumnCount
 End Function


The number of visible columns can change depending on their width. For example, if a default width for all columns is set, but the width of a new column is set twice as large, the number of visible columns can be reduced by at least one.

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