DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject.DoDefaultAction Method


Performs the default action associated with the DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject.

 override void DoDefaultAction();
public override void DoDefaultAction ();
override this.DoDefaultAction : unit -> unit
Public Overrides Sub DoDefaultAction ()


The value of the Owner property is null.


The value of the DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject property is not null and the RowIndex property of the DataGridViewCell returned by the Owner property is equal to -1.


If the cell associated with this DataGridViewCell.DataGridViewCellAccessibleObject is a DataGridViewHeaderCell, this method does nothing. Otherwise, this method selects the cell, makes it the current cell, and takes one of the following actions:

  • If the cell's ReadOnly property value is true, this method returns.

  • If the cell's EditType property value is null, meaning the cell cannot host an editing control, this method returns.

  • If the cell is currently entering or leaving edit mode (for example, if this method is called in a CellBeginEdit or CellEndEdit event handler), this method returns.

  • If the cell is currently in edit mode, this method commits and ends the edit.

  • If the cell is not in edit mode and the DataGridView.EditMode property is set to EditProgrammatically, this method returns.

  • If none of the preceding actions is taken, this method causes the cell to enter edit mode.

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