Form.MinimumSize Property


Gets or sets the minimum size the form can be resized to.

 property System::Drawing::Size MinimumSize { System::Drawing::Size get(); void set(System::Drawing::Size value); };
public System.Drawing.Size MinimumSize { get; set; }
member this.MinimumSize : System.Drawing.Size with get, set
Public Property MinimumSize As Size

Property Value

A Size that represents the minimum size for the form.


The values of the height or width within the Size object are less than zero.


This property enables you to limit the size of a form to a specified minimum size. You can use this feature to prevent a user from sizing a window to an undesirable size. If this property is set to a Size object that is 0 in height and 0 in width, the form will have no minimum size beyond the limits set by Windows.

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