ProgressBarStyle ProgressBarStyle ProgressBarStyle ProgressBarStyle Enum


Specifies the style that a ProgressBar uses to indicate the progress of an operation.

public enum class ProgressBarStyle
public enum ProgressBarStyle
type ProgressBarStyle = 
Public Enum ProgressBarStyle


Blocks Blocks Blocks Blocks 0

Indicates progress by increasing the number of segmented blocks in a ProgressBar.

Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous 1

Indicates progress by increasing the size of a smooth, continuous bar in a ProgressBar.

Marquee Marquee Marquee Marquee 2

Indicates progress by continuously scrolling a block across a ProgressBar in a marquee fashion.


You can use the marquee style when you need to indicate progress is being made, but you cannot indicate the quantity of progress. The Marquee style is valid only when visual styles are enabled. The Continuous style is valid only when visual styles are not enabled.

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