ImeConversionModeValues Enum


Describes a mode of input conversion to be performed by an input method.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ImeConversionModeValues
public enum ImeConversionModeValues
type ImeConversionModeValues = 
Public Enum ImeConversionModeValues


Alphanumeric 512

The input method uses alphanumeric conversion mode.

CharCode 16

The input method uses character code conversion mode.

DoNotCare -2147483648

The input method does not care what input conversion method is used; the actual conversion method is indeterminate.

Eudc 64

The input method uses EUDC (end user defined character) conversion mode.

Fixed 256

The input method uses fixed conversion mode.

FullShape 4

The input method uses full-shape conversion mode.

Katakana 2

The input method uses Katakana conversion mode.

Native 1

The input method uses a native character (Hiragana, Hangul, Chinese) conversion mode.

NoConversion 32

The input method will not perform any input conversion.

Roman 8

The input method uses Roman character conversion mode.

Symbol 128

The input method uses symbol conversion mode.

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