ImeConversionModeValues ImeConversionModeValues ImeConversionModeValues ImeConversionModeValues Enum


Describes a mode of input conversion to be performed by an input method.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ImeConversionModeValues
public enum ImeConversionModeValues
type ImeConversionModeValues = 
Public Enum ImeConversionModeValues


Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Alphanumeric 512

The input method uses alphanumeric conversion mode.

CharCode CharCode CharCode CharCode 16

The input method uses character code conversion mode.

DoNotCare DoNotCare DoNotCare DoNotCare -2147483648

The input method does not care what input conversion method is used; the actual conversion method is indeterminate.

Eudc Eudc Eudc Eudc 64

The input method uses EUDC (end user defined character) conversion mode.

Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed 256

The input method uses fixed conversion mode.

FullShape FullShape FullShape FullShape 4

The input method uses full-shape conversion mode.

Katakana Katakana Katakana Katakana 2

The input method uses Katakana conversion mode.

Native Native Native Native 1

The input method uses a native character (Hiragana, Hangul, Chinese) conversion mode.

NoConversion NoConversion NoConversion NoConversion 32

The input method will not perform any input conversion.

Roman Roman Roman Roman 8

The input method uses Roman character conversion mode.

Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol 128

The input method uses symbol conversion mode.

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