ImeSentenceModeValues Enum


Specifies the mode of sentence conversion performed by an input method.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ImeSentenceModeValues
public enum ImeSentenceModeValues
type ImeSentenceModeValues = 
Public Enum ImeSentenceModeValues


Automatic 4

The input method uses the sentence conversion method automatically.

Conversation 16

The input method uses conversation-style sentence conversion.

DoNotCare -2147483648

The input method does not care what sentence conversion method is used; the actual sentence conversion mode is indeterminate.

None 0

The input method does not perform any sentence conversion.

PhrasePrediction 8

The input method uses phrase prediction sentence conversion.

PluralClause 1

The input method uses plural clause sentence conversion.

SingleConversion 2

The input method uses single Kanji/Hanja sentence conversion.


The following example demonstrates how to use the ImeSentenceMode property.

InputMethod.SetPreferredImeState(myTextBox, InputMethodState.On);
InputMethod.Current.ImeSentenceMode = ImeSentenceModeValues.Automatic;
InputMethod.Current.HandwritingState = InputMethodState.On;
InputMethod.Current.SpeechMode = SpeechMode.Dictation;
InputScope myInputScope = new InputScope();
myInputScope.RegularExpression = "W|P|F";
InputMethod.SetInputScope(myTextBox, myInputScope);
tb6.Text = "Configuration UI Available?: " + InputMethod.Current.CanShowConfigurationUI.ToString();
InputMethod.SetPreferredImeState(myTextBox, InputMethodState.On)
InputMethod.Current.ImeSentenceMode = ImeSentenceModeValues.Automatic
InputMethod.Current.HandwritingState = InputMethodState.On
InputMethod.Current.SpeechMode = SpeechMode.Dictation
Dim myInputScope As New InputScope()
myInputScope.RegularExpression = "W|P|F"
InputMethod.SetInputScope(myTextBox, myInputScope)
tb6.Text = "Configuration UI Available?: " & InputMethod.Current.CanShowConfigurationUI.ToString()

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