Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs Class


Represents data that is sent with a Delta event or an Delta event.

public ref class Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs : EventArgs
public class Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs : EventArgs
type Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


Cumulative Cumulative Cumulative Cumulative

Gets the total amount of change since the manipulation started.

Delta Delta Delta Delta

Gets the amount of change since the last event.

OriginX OriginX OriginX OriginX

Gets the new x-coordinate of the composite position of the manipulation.

OriginY OriginY OriginY OriginY

Gets the new y-coordinate of the composite position of the manipulation.

Velocities Velocities Velocities Velocities

Gets the current velocities of the manipulation.


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