Mouse.XButton2 Mouse.XButton2 Mouse.XButton2 Mouse.XButton2 Property


Gets the state of the second extended button.

 static property System::Windows::Input::MouseButtonState XButton2 { System::Windows::Input::MouseButtonState get(); };
public static System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonState XButton2 { get; }
member this.XButton2 : System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonState
Public Shared ReadOnly Property XButton2 As MouseButtonState

Property Value

The state of the second extended mouse button.


The following example shows how to determine whether the second extended mouse button is pressed by checking if the state of XButton2 is equal to the MouseButtonState enumeration value Pressed. If the button is pressed, a method is called which updates display elements in the sample.

if (Mouse.XButton2 == MouseButtonState.Pressed)
    UpdateSampleResults("Second Extended Button Pressed");
If Mouse.XButton2 = MouseButtonState.Pressed Then
	UpdateSampleResults("Second Extended Button Pressed")
End If

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