Stylus.DirectlyOver Stylus.DirectlyOver Stylus.DirectlyOver Stylus.DirectlyOver Property


Gets the element that is directly beneath the stylus.

 static property System::Windows::IInputElement ^ DirectlyOver { System::Windows::IInputElement ^ get(); };
public static System.Windows.IInputElement DirectlyOver { get; }
member this.DirectlyOver : System.Windows.IInputElement
Public Shared ReadOnly Property DirectlyOver As IInputElement

Property Value

The IInputElement that is directly beneath the stylus.


The following example demonstrates how to determine which element the stylus is positioned over. This example assumes that there is a TextBox called textBox1 and that the StylusInAirMove event is connected to the event handler.

void Window1_StylusInAirMove(object sender, StylusEventArgs e)
    textbox1.AppendText(Stylus.DirectlyOver.ToString() + "\n");
Private Sub Window1_StylusInAirMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As StylusEventArgs) _
    Handles Me.StylusInAirMove

    Dim element As Object
    element = CType(Stylus.DirectlyOver, Object)
    textbox1.AppendText(element.ToString() & vbLf)

End Sub 'Window1_StylusInAirMove

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