StylusPoint.MaxXY Field


Specifies the largest valid value for a pair of (x, y) coordinates.

public: static initonly double MaxXY;
public static readonly double MaxXY;
 staticval mutable MaxXY : double
Public Shared ReadOnly MaxXY As Double 

Field Value



The following example ensures that the X property of the StylusPoint is set to a legal value.

if (x < StylusPoint.MinXY)
    x = StylusPoint.MinXY;
else if (x > StylusPoint.MaxXY)
    x = StylusPoint.MaxXY;

point.X = x;
If x < StylusPoint.MinXY Then
    x = StylusPoint.MinXY
ElseIf x > StylusPoint.MaxXY Then
    x = StylusPoint.MaxXY
End If

point.X = x

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