LogicalTreeHelper.BringIntoView(DependencyObject) Method


Attempts to bring the requested UI element into view and raises the RequestBringIntoView event on the target in order to report the results.

 static void BringIntoView(System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ current);
public static void BringIntoView (System.Windows.DependencyObject current);
static member BringIntoView : System.Windows.DependencyObject -> unit
Public Shared Sub BringIntoView (current As DependencyObject)



The UI element to bring into view.


It is typically more convenient to call the instance methods FrameworkElement.BringIntoView or FrameworkContentElement.BringIntoView rather than this static utility method. The behavior of the instance methods is equivalent to the behavior of the static method.

Even if the current UI element provided was a FrameworkContentElement, the resulting event is still the same FrameworkElement.RequestBringIntoView event, with the originating FrameworkContentElement identifiable by checking the event data of the event.

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