StaticExtension.Member Property


Gets or sets a member name string that is used to resolve a static field or property based on the service-provided type resolver.

 property System::String ^ Member { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string Member { get; set; }
member this.Member : string with get, set
Public Property Member As String

Property Value


A string that identifies the member to make a reference to.


Attempted to set Member to null.


The string for Member typically uses the format prefix:typeName.fieldOrPropertyName. (prefix is the mapping prefix for an XML namespace, and is only required to reference static values that are not mapped to the default XML namespace). The string can also specify only the member name, so long as MemberType is also supplied, but note that this technique will not support XML namespaces and prefixes; it is working at the type system level.

For XAML usage information, see x:Static Markup Extension.

This value is not evaluated when you set it; so long as the value is not null it will be accepted. The actual parsing and evaluation of the value is deferred until ProvideValue is called during parsing.

Under the normal scenario of use by the WPF XAML processor, the XAML processor passes a type resolver for CLR types as part of its service contract, and this resolver is used on the ProvideValue call.

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