TextTrailingWordEllipsis TextTrailingWordEllipsis TextTrailingWordEllipsis TextTrailingWordEllipsis Class


Defines collapsed text properties for collapsing a whole line toward the end at word granularity, and with ellipsis being the collapsed text symbol.

public ref class TextTrailingWordEllipsis : System::Windows::Media::TextFormatting::TextCollapsingProperties
public class TextTrailingWordEllipsis : System.Windows.Media.TextFormatting.TextCollapsingProperties
type TextTrailingWordEllipsis = class
    inherit TextCollapsingProperties
Public Class TextTrailingWordEllipsis
Inherits TextCollapsingProperties


Line collapsing is the ability to reduce displaying space for a line by not showing part of the line's text. Depending on the collapsing style, a collapsing symbol may be shown at the location where the collapsed text occurred.


TextTrailingWordEllipsis(Double, TextRunProperties) TextTrailingWordEllipsis(Double, TextRunProperties) TextTrailingWordEllipsis(Double, TextRunProperties) TextTrailingWordEllipsis(Double, TextRunProperties)

Initializes a new instance of the TextTrailingCharacterEllipsis class by specifying collapsed text properties.


Style Style Style Style

Gets the style of collapsed text.

Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol

Gets the text run that is used as the collapsed text symbol.

Width Width Width Width

Gets the width for which the specified collapsed text range is constrained to.


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