JumpItemRejectionReason JumpItemRejectionReason JumpItemRejectionReason JumpItemRejectionReason Enum


Describes why a JumpItem could not be added to the Jump List by the Windows shell.

public enum class JumpItemRejectionReason
public enum JumpItemRejectionReason
type JumpItemRejectionReason = 
Public Enum JumpItemRejectionReason


InvalidItem InvalidItem InvalidItem InvalidItem 1

The JumpItem references an invalid file path, or the operating system does not support Jump Lists.

None None None None 0

The reason is not specified.

NoRegisteredHandler NoRegisteredHandler NoRegisteredHandler NoRegisteredHandler 2

The application is not registered to handle the file name extension of the JumpItem.

RemovedByUser RemovedByUser RemovedByUser RemovedByUser 3

The item was previously in the Jump List but was removed by the user.

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