ReplicatorActivity.ChildInitialized Event


Occurs immediately after a child activity is initialized.

 event EventHandler<System::Workflow::Activities::ReplicatorChildEventArgs ^> ^ ChildInitialized;
public event EventHandler<System.Workflow.Activities.ReplicatorChildEventArgs> ChildInitialized;
member this.ChildInitialized : EventHandler<System.Workflow.Activities.ReplicatorChildEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event ChildInitialized As EventHandler(Of ReplicatorChildEventArgs) 


The following code example shows how to set the value of the ChildInitialized event. This code example is part of the Replicator SDK sample from the SimpleReplicatorWorkflow.Designer.cs file. For more information, see Using Replicator.

public sealed partial class ThrowWorkflow : SequentialWorkflowActivity
    private void InitializeComponent()
        this.CanModifyActivities = true;
        System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind activitybind1 = new System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind();
        this.throwActivity1 = new System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ThrowActivity();
        activitybind1.Name = "ThrowWorkflow";
        activitybind1.Path = "ThrownException";
        // throwActivity1
        this.throwActivity1.Name = "throwActivity1";
        this.throwActivity1.SetBinding(System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ThrowActivity.FaultProperty, ((System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind)(activitybind1)));
        // ThrowWorkflow
        this.Name = "ThrowWorkflow";
        this.CanModifyActivities = false;

    private Exception thrownExceptionValue = new System.Exception("My Exception Message.");

    public Exception ThrownException
        get { return thrownExceptionValue; }
        set { thrownExceptionValue = value; }

    private ThrowActivity throwActivity1;
Partial Public NotInheritable Class ThrowWorkflow
    Inherits SequentialWorkflowActivity

    <System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCode()> _
                                        Private Sub InitializeComponent()

        Me.CanModifyActivities = True
        Dim activitybind1 As New System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind()
        Me.throwActivity1 = New System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ThrowActivity()
        activitybind1.Name = "ThrowWorkflow"
        activitybind1.Path = "ThrownException"
        ' throwActivity1
        Me.throwActivity1.Name = "throwActivity1"
        Me.throwActivity1.SetBinding(System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ThrowActivity.FaultProperty, activitybind1)
        ' ThrowWorkflow
        Me.Name = "ThrowWorkflow"
        Me.CanModifyActivities = False

    End Sub

    Private thrownExceptionValue As New System.Exception("My Exception Message.")

    Public Property ThrownException() As Exception
            Return thrownExceptionValue
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As Exception)
            thrownExceptionValue = value
        End Set
    End Property

    Private throwActivity1 As ThrowActivity

End Class


If subscribed to, this event is raised every time that an instance of the child activity is created for an item in the Children collection. The Children collection is set through the ReplicatorChildEventArgs of the Initialized event handler. The child Activity instance is passed in the call so that the ReplicatorActivity can set values on the child. The relevant InstanceData object from the Children collection is also passed.

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