RuleExpressionWalker Class


Propagates the current behavior in the expression to child nodes. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class RuleExpressionWalker abstract sealed
public static class RuleExpressionWalker
type RuleExpressionWalker = class
Public Class RuleExpressionWalker


This class is used by all IRuleExpression methods to propagate behavior to child nodes.


AnalyzeUsage(RuleAnalysis, CodeExpression, Boolean, Boolean, RulePathQualifier)

Identifies the fields and properties used by an expression and adds these as symbols to the RuleAnalysis instance.


Creates a deep copy of the child nodes of the current CodeExpression.

Decompile(StringBuilder, CodeExpression, CodeExpression)

Decompiles the child nodes of the expression into string form.

Evaluate(RuleExecution, CodeExpression)

Evaluates the expression and all child expressions.

Match(CodeExpression, CodeExpression)

Compares the current expression and child nodes to another expression to determine whether they are equal.

Validate(RuleValidation, CodeExpression, Boolean)

Verifies that the expression and child nodes are configured correctly and has no errors.

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