WorkflowTheme.AmbientTheme WorkflowTheme.AmbientTheme WorkflowTheme.AmbientTheme WorkflowTheme.AmbientTheme Property


Gets the AmbientTheme associated with the WorkflowTheme.

 property System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::AmbientTheme ^ AmbientTheme { System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::AmbientTheme ^ get(); };
public System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.AmbientTheme AmbientTheme { get; }
member this.AmbientTheme : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.AmbientTheme
Public ReadOnly Property AmbientTheme As AmbientTheme

Property Value

An AmbientTheme that describes default values for the look and feel of the WorkflowTheme.


The following example demonstrates how to access the AmbientTheme property. This example is from the Tracking Profile Designer SDK sample. For more information, see Tracking Profile Designer Sample.

public WorkflowDesignerControl()
    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.ReadOnly = false;
    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.AmbientTheme.ShowConfigErrors = false;
    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.ReadOnly = true;            

Public Sub New()

    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.ReadOnly = False
    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.AmbientTheme.ShowConfigErrors = False
    WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.ReadOnly = True
End Sub


The AmbientTheme describes the look and feel of a workflow design surface. This includes background styles, foreground styles, fonts, and icons defined for the workflow design surface.

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