XamlTypeInvoker.SetTypeConverterHandler Property


Gets the handler to use when a XamlObjectWriter calls into a CLR-implemented TypeConverter.

 property EventHandler<System::Windows::Markup::XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs ^> ^ SetTypeConverterHandler { EventHandler<System::Windows::Markup::XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs ^> ^ get(); };
public EventHandler<System.Windows.Markup.XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs> SetTypeConverterHandler { get; }
member this.SetTypeConverterHandler : EventHandler<System.Windows.Markup.XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs>
Public ReadOnly Property SetTypeConverterHandler As EventHandler(Of XamlSetTypeConverterEventArgs)

Property Value

A handler implementation that handles this case.


The event handler is based on EventHandler<TEventArgs> constrained with XamlSetMarkupExtensionEventArgs event data.

The value returned invokes the LookupSetTypeConverterHandler behavior of the XamlType that the XamlTypeInvoker is based on.

The return value is null for a XamlTypeInvoker that is based on an unknown XamlType.

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