XmlBinaryWriterSession XmlBinaryWriterSession XmlBinaryWriterSession XmlBinaryWriterSession Class


Enables using a dynamic dictionary to compress common strings that appear in a message and maintain state.

public ref class XmlBinaryWriterSession
public class XmlBinaryWriterSession
type XmlBinaryWriterSession = class
Public Class XmlBinaryWriterSession


Session objects (this class together with XmlBinaryReaderSession) enable dynamic string atomization that can span an entire conversation. These session objects manage dynamic dictionaries. For more information about dynamic dictionaries see XmlDictionary.

Due to asynchronous processing, it is possible for messages that arrive synchronously to be processed in a different order than the order in which they were sent. String atomization that spans messages must ensure the messages are processed in the original order or the atomized strings must be conveyed using a different mechanism.

To use them, you create a session object and pass it to the constructor or initializer for a binary XML reader or writer.

To reuse a dynamic dictionary pass the same session object to all subsequent readers and writers.

The session object can be reset to allow pooling.


XmlBinaryWriterSession() XmlBinaryWriterSession() XmlBinaryWriterSession() XmlBinaryWriterSession()

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