XmlConvert.VerifyPublicId(String) XmlConvert.VerifyPublicId(String) XmlConvert.VerifyPublicId(String) XmlConvert.VerifyPublicId(String) Method


Returns the passed in string instance if all the characters in the string argument are valid public id characters.

 static System::String ^ VerifyPublicId(System::String ^ publicId);
public static string VerifyPublicId (string publicId);
static member VerifyPublicId : string -> string
Public Shared Function VerifyPublicId (publicId As String) As String


String String String String

String that contains the id to validate.


The passed-in string if all the characters in the argument are valid public id characters.


No other values than the passed in argument should be returned. The characters valid for public id do not vary between XML editions, so no XmlVersion overload is required.

See XML 1.0 spec (fourth edition) production [13] PubidChar for details on the allowed characters

If the parameter is null, an ArgumentNullException will be thrown. If any of the characters are not valid public id characters, an XmlException is thrown with information about the first invalid character encountered.

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