XmlReaderSettings.Reset XmlReaderSettings.Reset XmlReaderSettings.Reset XmlReaderSettings.Reset Method


Resets the members of the settings class to their default values.

 void Reset();
public void Reset ();
member this.Reset : unit -> unit
Public Sub Reset ()


The following table shows initial property values for an instance of XmlReaderSettings.

Property Initial Value
Async false.
CheckCharacters true.
ConformanceLevel Document.
IgnoreComments false.
IgnoreProcessingInstructions false.
IgnoreWhitespace false.
LineNumberOffset 0.
LinePositionOffset 0.
MaxCharactersFromEntities 0 (there is no limit on the number of characters that result from expanding entities).
MaxCharactersInDocument 0 (there is no limit on the size of the XML document).
NameTable null.
DtdProcessing Prohibit
ProhibitDtd true. This property is obsolete. Use DtdProcessing instead. If you had set ProhibitDtd to its default value true set DtdProcessing to Prohibit. If you had set ProhibitDtd to false set DtdProcessing to Parse.
Schemas An empty XmlSchemaSet object.
ValidationFlags ProcessIdentityConstraints.
ValidationType None.
XmlResolver A new XmlUrlResolver object.

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