IXsltContextVariable IXsltContextVariable IXsltContextVariable IXsltContextVariable Interface


Provides an interface to a given variable that is defined in the style sheet during runtime execution.

public interface class IXsltContextVariable
public interface IXsltContextVariable
type IXsltContextVariable = interface
Public Interface IXsltContextVariable


IsLocal IsLocal IsLocal IsLocal

Gets a value indicating whether the variable is local.

IsParam IsParam IsParam IsParam

Gets a value indicating whether the variable is an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) parameter. This can be a parameter to a style sheet or a template.

VariableType VariableType VariableType VariableType

Gets the XPathResultType representing the XML Path Language (XPath) type of the variable.


Evaluate(XsltContext) Evaluate(XsltContext) Evaluate(XsltContext) Evaluate(XsltContext)

Evaluates the variable at runtime and returns an object that represents the value of the variable.

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