StatusCode Enum


An enumeration whose values specify various statuses relating to network reachability.

public enum StatusCode
type StatusCode = 


AccessError 1003

Permission was denied.

ConnectionIgnore 5002
ConnectionNoService 5001

Network service for connection is unavailable.

Failed 1001

General error.

InvalidArgument 1002

A bad argument was passed.

KeyExists 1005

The key is already defined.

Locked 1006

A lock is already defined.


The max link count has been exceeded.

NeedLock 1007

The operation requires a lock.

NoConfigFile 3003

The config file cannot be found.

NoKey 1004

The key does not exist.


The link does not exist.

NoPrefsSession 3001

The preferences session is not active.

NoStoreServer 2002

The configuration daemon is not available.

NoStoreSession 2001

The configuration daemon session is not active.

NotifierActive 2003

Notifier is active.

OK 0

The call succeeded.

PrefsBusy 3002

A preferences update is currently active.

ReachabilityUnknown 4001

The reachability of the target cannot be determined.

Stale 3005

A write was attempted on a stale version of the object.

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  • <xref:SystemConfiguration.SystemConfigurationException.StatusCode>