UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs Class


Provides data for the event.

public class UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs : Foundation.NSNotificationEventArgs
type UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs = class
    inherit NSNotificationEventArgs


UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs(NSNotification) UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs(NSNotification)

Initializes a new instance of the UIApplicationLaunchEventArgs class.


LocationLaunch LocationLaunch

Whether the app was launched due to user interaction (as opposed to opening due to a notification or to handle a URL).

Notification Notification

The underlying NSNotification object from the posted notification.

(Inherited from NSNotificationEventArgs)
RemoteNotifications RemoteNotifications

A dictionary whose payload is a remote notification for the app to process.

SourceApplication SourceApplication

The bundle ID of the app that launched this app.

Url Url

The URL that this app was launched to handle.

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