UIButton.UIButtonAppearance UIButton.UIButtonAppearance Class


Appearance class for objects of type UIButton.

public class UIButton.UIButtonAppearance : UIKit.UIControl.UIControlAppearance
type UIButton.UIButtonAppearance = class
    inherit UIControl.UIControlAppearance


This appearance class is a strongly typed subclass of UIAppearance that is intended to be used with objects of class UIButton. You can obtain an instance to this class by either accessing the static Appearance property on the UIButton or by calling the AppearanceWhenContainedIn(Type[]) to get a UIAppearance that is context sensitive.


UIButton.UIButtonAppearance(IntPtr) UIButton.UIButtonAppearance(IntPtr)


CurrentBackgroundImage CurrentBackgroundImage

The active UIImage displayed in the background of the UIButton.

CurrentImage CurrentImage

The current image displayed on the button. Read-only.

CurrentTitleColor CurrentTitleColor

The current color of the title of the button. Read-only.

CurrentTitleShadowColor CurrentTitleShadowColor

The current color of the title shadow.


BackgroundImageForState(UIControlState) BackgroundImageForState(UIControlState)

The UIImage displayed in the background for the given UIControlState.

ImageForState(UIControlState) ImageForState(UIControlState)

The UIImage used for the specified state.

SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIControlState) SetBackgroundImage(UIImage, UIControlState)

Sets the background image for the specified state.

SetImage(UIImage, UIControlState) SetImage(UIImage, UIControlState)

Sets the UIImage for the specified state.

SetTitleColor(UIColor, UIControlState) SetTitleColor(UIColor, UIControlState)

Sets the color for the title in the specified state.

SetTitleShadowColor(UIColor, UIControlState) SetTitleShadowColor(UIColor, UIControlState)

Sets the color of the title's shadow for the specified state.

TitleColor(UIControlState) TitleColor(UIControlState)

Gets the color for the title in the specified state.

TitleShadowColor(UIControlState) TitleShadowColor(UIControlState)

Gets the color for the title's shadow in the specified state.

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