UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance Class


Appearance class for objects of type UITabBar.

public class UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance : UIKit.UIView.UIViewAppearance
type UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance = class
    inherit UIView.UIViewAppearance


This appearance class is a strongly typed subclass of UIAppearance that is intended to be used with objects of class UITabBar. You can obtain an instance to this class by either accessing the static Appearance property on the UITabBar or by calling the AppearanceWhenContainedIn(Type[]) to get a UIAppearance that is context sensitive.


UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance(IntPtr) UITabBar.UITabBarAppearance(IntPtr)


BackgroundImage BackgroundImage

The image shown in the background of the UITabBar.

BarTintColor BarTintColor

The tint color applied to the background of the UITabBar.

SelectedImageTintColor SelectedImageTintColor

Developers should not use this deprecated property.

SelectionIndicatorImage SelectionIndicatorImage

The UIImage drawn at the top of the tab bar, behind the bar item icon.

ShadowImage ShadowImage

The UIImage used to define the shadow of the UITabBar.

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