UIViewController.Add(UIView) UIViewController.Add(UIView) Method


This is an alias for AddSubview(UIView), but uses the Add pattern as it allows C# 3.0 constructs to add subviews after creating the object.

public void Add (UIKit.UIView view);
member this.Add : UIKit.UIView -> unit


UIView UIView

The subview to add.


This method is equivalent to calling AddSubview(UIView) on this UIViewController's View and is present to enable C# 3.0 to add subviews at creation time.

  var myView = new MyViewController (new RectangleF (0, 0, 320, 320)){
    new ImageGallery (region [0]),
    new ImageGallery (region [1]),
    new UILabel (new RectangleF (10, 10, 200, 200)){
      Text = "Images from our Trip"

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