UIViewController.PrepareForSegue(UIStoryboardSegue, NSObject) UIViewController.PrepareForSegue(UIStoryboardSegue, NSObject) Method


Informs the application that a UIStoryboardSegue is about to be executed.

public virtual void PrepareForSegue (UIKit.UIStoryboardSegue segue, Foundation.NSObject sender);
abstract member PrepareForSegue : UIKit.UIStoryboardSegue * Foundation.NSObject -> unit
override this.PrepareForSegue : UIKit.UIStoryboardSegue * Foundation.NSObject -> unit


UIStoryboardSegue UIStoryboardSegue

The UIStoryboardSegue that is about to be executed.

NSObject NSObject

The object that initiated the segue.

This parameter can be null.


Application developers can override this method to send data to the UIViewController that is the DestinationViewController. Application developers may use the SourceViewController or the sender to further determine the context in which the segue is occurring.

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