AbsoluteLayout.SetLayoutFlags(BindableObject, AbsoluteLayoutFlags) Method


Sets the layout flags of a view that will be used to interpret the layout bounds set on it when it is added to the layout.

public static void SetLayoutFlags (Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject bindable, Xamarin.Forms.AbsoluteLayoutFlags flags);
static member SetLayoutFlags : Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject * Xamarin.Forms.AbsoluteLayoutFlags -> unit



The view on which to set the layout flags.


A AbsoluteLayoutFlags that describes the how to interpret the layout bounds for bindable.


This method supports the AbsoluteLayout.LayoutFlags XAML attached property. In XAML, Application developers can specify the following AbsoluteLayoutFlags enumeration value names for the value of this property on the children of a AbsoluteLayout:

  • All
  • None
  • HeightProportional
  • WidthProportional
  • SizeProportional
  • XProportional
  • YProportional
  • PositionProportional

Application developers can combine any of the above values by supplying a comma-separated list. Application developers can call this method to update the layout flags of a view after it is added.

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