RelativeLayout.IRelativeList<T> Interface


An IList<T> of Views used by a RelativeLayout.

public interface RelativeLayout.IRelativeList<T> : System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<T>, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<T>, System.Collections.Generic.IList<T>, System.Collections.IEnumerable where T : View
type RelativeLayout.IRelativeList<'T (requires 'T :> View)> = interface
    interface IList<'T (requires 'T :> View)>
    interface ICollection<'T (requires 'T :> View)>
    interface seq<'T (requires 'T :> View)>
    interface IEnumerable

Type Parameters



Add(T, Constraint, Constraint, Constraint, Constraint)

Constrains view by xConstraint, yConstraint, widthConstraint, and heightConstraint, and adds it to the layout.

Add(T, Expression<Func<Double>>, Expression<Func<Double>>, Expression<Func<Double>>, Expression<Func<Double>>)

Constrains view to the rectangle that is defined by x, y, width, and height, and adds it to the layout.

Add(T, Expression<Func<Rectangle>>)

Constrains view to bounds and adds it to the layout.

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