This topic applies to .NET Core Tools Preview 2. For the .NET Core Tools RC4 version, see the dotnet-publish (.NET Core Tools RC4) topic.


dotnet-publish - Packs the application and all of its dependencies into a folder getting it ready for publishing.


dotnet publish [project] [--help] [--framework] [--runtime] [--build-base-path] [--output] [--version-suffix] [--configuration] [--native-subdirectory] [--no-build]


dotnet publish compiles the application, reads through its dependencies specified in the project.json file and publishes the resulting set of files to a directory.

Depending on the type of portable app, the resulting directory will contain the following:

  1. Portable application - application's intermediate language (IL) code and all of application's managed dependencies.
    • Portable application with native dependencies - same as above with a sub-directory for the supported platform of each native dependency.
  2. Self-contained application - same as above plus the entire runtime for the targeted platform.

For more information, see the .NET Core Application Deployment topic.



The project to publish, which defaults to the current directory if [project] is not specified. This value can be a path to the project.json file or to the project directory that contains the project.json file. If no project.json file can be found, dotnet publish throws an error.


Prints out a short help for the command.

-f|--framework <FRAMEWORK>

Publishes the application for a given framework identifier (FID). If not specified, FID is read from project.json. If no valid framework is found, the command throws an error. If multiple valid frameworks are found, the command publishes for all valid frameworks.


Publishes the application for a given runtime. For a list of Runtime Identifiers (RIDs) you can use, see the RID catalog.

-b|--build-base-path <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY>

Directory in which to place temporary outputs.

-o|--output <OUTPUT_PATH>

Specify the path where to place the directory. If not specified, it will default to ./bin/[configuration]/[framework]/ for portable applications or ./bin/[configuration]/[framework]/[runtime] for self-contained deployments.

--version-suffix [VERSION_SUFFIX]

Defines what * should be replaced with in the version field in the project.json file.

-c|--configuration [Debug|Release]

Configuration to use when publishing. The default value is Debug.

[--native-subdirectory] Temporary mechanism to include subdirectories from native assets of dependency packages in output.

[--no-build] Does not build projects before publishing.


Publish an application using the framework found in project.json. If project.json contains runtimes node, publish for the RID of the current platform.

dotnet publish

Publish the application using the specified project.json:

dotnet publish ~/projects/app1/project.json

Publish the current application using the netcoreapp1.0 framework:

dotnet publish --framework netcoreapp1.0

Publish the current application using the netcoreapp1.0 framework and runtime for OS X 10.10 (this RID has to exist in the project.json runtimes node):

dotnet publish --framework netcoreapp1.0 --runtime osx.10.11-x64

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