Get started with .NET Core

This article provides information on getting started with .NET Core. .NET Core can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can code in your favorite text editor and produce cross-platform libraries and applications.

If you're unsure what .NET Core is, or how it relates to other .NET technologies, start with the What is .NET overview. Put simply, .NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform implementation of .NET.

Create an application

First, download and install the .NET Core SDK on your computer.

Next, open a terminal such as PowerShell, Command Prompt, or bash. Type the following dotnet commands to create and run a C# application:

dotnet new console --output sample1
dotnet run --project sample1

You should see the following output:

Hello World!

Congratulations! You've created a simple .NET Core application. You can also use Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio (Windows only), or Visual Studio for Mac (macOS only), to create a .NET Core application.


Get started developing .NET Core applications by following these step-by-step tutorials: