How to enable TAB completion for .NET Core CLI

Starting with .NET Core 2.0 SDK, the .NET Core CLI supports tab completion. This article describes how to configure tab completion for three shells, PowerShell, Bash, and zsh. Other shells may have support for auto completion. Refer to their documentation on how to configure auto completion, the steps should be similar to the steps described in this article.

This article applies to: ✓ .NET Core 2.x SDK

Once setup, tab completion for the .NET Core CLI is triggered by typing a dotnet command in the shell, and then pressing the TAB key. The current command line is sent to the dotnet complete command, and the results are processed by your shell. You can test the results without enabling tab completion by sending something directly to the dotnet complete command. For example:

> dotnet complete "dotnet a"

If that command doesn't work, make sure that .NET Core 2.0 SDK or above is installed. If it's installed, but that command still doesn't work, make sure that the dotnet command resolves to a version of .NET Core 2.0 SDK and above. Use the dotnet --version command to see what version of dotnet your current path is resolving to. For more information, see Select the .NET Core version to use.


Here are some examples of what tab completion provides:

Input becomes because
dotnet a⇥ dotnet add add is the first subcommand, alphabetically.
dotnet add p⇥ dotnet add --help Tab completion matches substrings and --help comes first alphabetically.
dotnet add p⇥⇥ dotnet add package Pressing tab a second time brings up the next suggestion.
dotnet add package Microsoft⇥ dotnet add package Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Web Results are returned alphabetically.
dotnet remove reference ⇥ dotnet remove reference ..\..\src\OmniSharp.DotNet\OmniSharp.DotNet.csproj Tab completion is project file aware.


To add tab completion to PowerShell for the .NET Core CLI, create or edit the profile stored in the variable $PROFILE. For more information, see How to create your profile and Profiles and execution policy.

Add the following code to your profile:

# PowerShell parameter completion shim for the dotnet CLI 
Register-ArgumentCompleter -Native -CommandName dotnet -ScriptBlock {
     param($commandName, $wordToComplete, $cursorPosition)
         dotnet complete --position $cursorPosition "$wordToComplete" | ForEach-Object {
            [System.Management.Automation.CompletionResult]::new($_, $_, 'ParameterValue', $_)


To add tab completion to your bash shell for the .NET Core CLI, add the following code to your .bashrc file:

# bash parameter completion for the dotnet CLI

  local word=${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]}

  local completions
  completions="$(dotnet complete --position "${COMP_POINT}" "${COMP_LINE}" 2>/dev/null)"
  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

  COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "$completions" -- "$word") )

complete -f -F _dotnet_bash_complete dotnet


To add tab completion to your zsh shell for the .NET Core CLI, add the following code to your .zshrc file:

# zsh parameter completion for the dotnet CLI

  local completions=("$(dotnet complete "$words")")

  reply=( "${(ps:\n:)completions}" )

compctl -K _dotnet_zsh_complete dotnet