Default values table (C# Reference)

The following table shows the default values of value types returned by the default constructors. Default constructors are invoked by using the new operator, as follows:

int myInt = new int();

The preceding statement has the same effect as the following statement:

int myInt = 0;

Remember that using uninitialized variables in C# is not allowed.

Value type Default value
bool false
byte 0
char '\0'
decimal 0M
double 0.0D
enum The value produced by the expression (E)0, where E is the enum identifier.
float 0.0F
int 0
long 0L
sbyte 0
short 0
struct The value produced by setting all value-type fields to their default values and all reference-type fields to null.
uint 0
ulong 0
ushort 0

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