Getting Started with LINQ in C#

This section contains basic background information that will help you understand the rest of the LINQ documentation and samples.

In This Section

Introduction to LINQ Queries (C#)
Describes the three parts of the basic LINQ query operation that are common across all languages and data sources.

LINQ and Generic Types (C#)
Provides a brief introduction to generic types as they are used in LINQ.

Basic LINQ Query Operations
Describes the most common types of query operations and how they are expressed in C#.

Data Transformations with LINQ (C#)
Describes the various ways that you can transform data retrieved in queries.

Type Relationships in LINQ Query Operations
Describes how types are preserved and/or transformed in the three parts of a LINQ query operation

Query Syntax and Method Syntax in LINQ
Compares method syntax and query syntax as two ways to express a LINQ query.

C# Features That Support LINQ
Describes the language constructs added in C# 3.0 that support LINQ.

Walkthrough: Writing Queries in C#
Step-by-step instructions for creating a C# LINQ project, adding a simple data source, and performing some basic query operations.

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) (C#)
Provides links to topics that explain the LINQ technologies.

LINQ Query Expressions
Includes an overview of queries in LINQ and provides links to additional resources.

Visual Studio IDE and Tools Support for LINQ (C#)
Describes tools available in the Visual Studio environment for designing, coding, and debugging LINQ-enabled application.

Standard Query Operators Overview (C#)
Introduces the standard methods used in LINQ.

Getting Started with LINQ in Visual Basic
Provides links to topics about using LINQ with Visual Basic.