C# Tutorials

The following tutorials enable you to build C# programs using .NET Core:

  • Console Application: demonstrates Console I/O, the structure of a Console application, and the basics of the Task based asynchronous programming model.
  • REST Client: demonstrates web communications, JSON serialization, and Object Oriented features in the C# language.

  • Inheritance in C# and .NET: demonstrates inheritance in C#, including the use of inheritance to define base classes, abstract base classes, and derived classes.

  • Working with LINQ: demonstrates many of the features of LINQ and the language elements that support it.

  • Microservices hosted in Docker: demonstrates building an ASP.NET Core microservice and hosting it in Docker.

  • String Interpolation: demonstrates many of the uses for the $ string interpolation in C#.

  • Using Attributes: how to create and use attributes in C#.