exceptionSwallowedOnCallFromCom MDA

The exceptionSwallowedOnCallFromCOM managed debugging assistant (MDA) is activated when an exception is thrown from common language runtime (CLR) code called from COM via a method that does not have an unmanaged HRESULT return type.


A call to a managed component from COM returns with a value of FALSE or 0. Alternatively, if the method has a void return type, there may be no indication that an exception was thrown during the execution of the method. In this case, the exception will be silently caught and execution will return to the COM caller.


An exception was thrown, but there is no valid way to report it.


Informational only, not necessarily indicative of a bug.

Effect on the Runtime

This MDA has no effect on the CLR. It only reports data about silently caught exceptions.


Informational message containing the method name, type name, and exception message.


    <exceptionSwallowedOnCallFromCom />  

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