Common Data Types (Unmanaged API Reference)

This topic lists simple data types used by the unmanaged APIs for the .NET Framework that are defined by C/C++ typedef statements. These data types are typically aliases for C/C++ primitive data types. Typically, the values of these data types are opaque; that is, they are returned by a particular function or method so that they can be passed to other functions or methods without modification.

Data type Definition Defined in Description
AppDomainID typedef UINT_PTR AppDomainID; corprof.h The identifier of an application domain.
AssemblyID typedef UINT_PTR AssemblyID; corprof.h The identifier of an assembly.
ClassID typedef UINT_PTR ClassID; corprof.h The identifier of a managed class.
CONNID typedef DWORD CONNID; cordebug.h, mscoree.h The connection identifier for a thread that is connected to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
ContextID typedef UINT_PTR ContextID; corprof.h The identifier of the context associated with a particular managed thread.
COR_PRF_ELT_INFO typedef UINT_PTR COR_PRF_ELT_INFO; corprof.h An opaque handle that represents information about a particular stack frame.
COR_PRF_FRAME_INFO typedef UINT_PTR COR_PRF_FRAME_INFO; corprof.h An opaque handle that points to a stack frame. It is valid only during the callback to which it is passed.
CORDB_ADDRESS typedef ULONG64 CORDB_ADDRESS; cordebug.h An address in memory.
CORDB_CONTINUE_STATUS typedef DWORD CORDB_CONTINUE_STATUS; cordebug.h The continuation status.
CORDB_REGISTER typedef ULONG64 CORDB_REGISTER; cordebug.h The value of a CPU register.
FunctionID typedef UINT_PTR FunctionID; corprof.h The identifier of a function or method.
GCHandleID typedef UINT_PTR GCHandleID; corprof.h A garbage collection handle.
mdToken typedef UINT32 mdToken; corprof.h A metadata token (a row in a metadata table).
ModuleID typedef UINT_PTR ModuleID; corprof.h The identifier of an assembly module.
ObjectID typedef UINT_PTR ObjectID; corprof.h The identifier of an object.
ProcessID typedef UINT_PTR ProcessID; corprof.h The identifier of a managed process.
ReJITID typedef UINT_PTR ReJITID; corprof.h The identifier of a jitted function.
TASKID typedef UINT64 TASKID; cordebug.h, mscoree.h The identifier of an ICLRTask instance.
ThreadID typedef UINT_PTR ThreadID; corprof.h The identifier of a managed thread.

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