Debugging Structures

This section describes the unmanaged structures that the debugging API uses.

In This Section

CLRDATA_ADDRESS_RANGE Structure Defines an address range.

CLRDATA_IL_ADDRESS_MAP Structure Defines an IL to address mapping

CLR_DEBUGGING_VERSION Structure Defines the product version of the common language runtime (CLR) for debugging purposes.

CodeChunkInfo Structure Represents a single chunk of code in memory.

COR_ACTIVE_FUNCTION Contains information about the functions that are currently active in a thread's frames.

COR_ARRAY_LAYOUT Structure Provides information about the layout of an array object in memory.

COR_DEBUG_IL_TO_NATIVE_MAP Contains the offsets that are used to map Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) code to native code.

COR_DEBUG_STEP_RANGE Contains the offset information for a range of code.

COR_FIELD Structure Provides information about a field in an object.

COR_GC_REFERENCE Structure Contains information about an object that is to be garbage-collected.

COR_HEAPINFO Structure Provides general information about the garbage collection heap, including whether it is enumerable.

COR_HEAPOBJECT Structure Provides information about an object on the managed heap.

COR_IL_MAP Specifies changes in the relative offset of a function.

COR_SEGMENT Structure Contains information about a region of memory in the managed heap.

COR_TYPEID Structure Contains a type identifier.

COR_TYPE_LAYOUT Structure Provides information about the layout of an object in memory.

COR_VERSION Stores the standard four-part version number of the common language runtime.

CorDebugBlockingObject Structure Defines an object that is blocking a thread and the reason why the thread is blocked.

CorDebugEHClause Structure Represents an exception handling (EH) clause for a given piece of intermediate language (IL).

CorDebugExceptionObjectStackFrame Structure Represents stack frame information from an exception object.

CorDebugGuidToTypeMapping Structure Maps a Windows Runtime GUID to its corresponding ICorDebugType object.

DacpGetModuleAddress Structure Defines the container for a module address request.

DacpMethodDescData Structure Defines a transport buffer for a method's runtime information.

DacpModuleData Structure Defines a transport buffer for a module's runtime information.

DacpReJitData Structure Defines the basic information about a given profiler-instrumented method.

StackTrace_SimpleContext Structure Provides a simple context that can be used in place of a full CONTEXT structure.

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