ICorDebugObjectValue Interface1

A subclass of "ICorDebugValue" that represents a value that contains an object.


Method Description
GetClass Method Gets an interface pointer to the common language runtime (CLR) Type of the object that this ICorDebugObjectValue references.
GetContext Method Not implemented.
GetFieldValue Method Gets an interface pointer to an ICorDebugValue that represents the value of the specified field of the specified class.
GetManagedCopy Method Obsolete. Do not call this method.
GetVirtualMethod Method Not implemented.
IsValueClass Method Gets a value that indicates whether the object referenced by this ICorDebugObjectValue is a value type.
SetFromManagedCopy Method Obsolete. Do not call this method.


An ICorDebugObjectValue remains valid until the process being debugged is continued.


This interface does not support being called remotely, either cross-machine or cross-process.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorDebug.idl, CorDebug.h

Library: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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