ICorDebugProcess5::EnumerateHeap Method

Gets an enumerator for the objects on the managed heap.


HRESULT EnumerateHeap(  
    [out] ICorDebugHeapEnum **ppObjects  


[out] A pointer to the address of an ICorDebugHeapEnum interface object that is an enumerator for the objects that reside on the managed heap.


Before calling the ICorDebugProcess5::EnumerateHeap method, you should call the ICorDebugProcess5::GetGCHeapInformation method and examine the value of the areGCStructuresValid field of the returned COR_HEAPINFO object to ensure that the garbage collection heap in its current state is enumerable. In addition, the ICorDebugProcess5::EnumerateHeap returns E_FAIL if you attach too early in the lifetime of the process, before memory for the managed heap is allocated.

The ICorDebugHeapEnum interface object is a standard enumerator derived from the ICorDebugEnum interface that allows you to enumerate COR_HEAPOBJECT objects. This method populates the ICorDebugHeapEnum collection object with COR_HEAPOBJECT instances that provide information about all objects. The collection may also include COR_HEAPOBJECT instances that provide information about objects that are not rooted by any object but have not yet been collected by the garbage collector.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorDebug.idl, CorDebug.h

Library: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 4.5

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