ICorDebugThread2::GetActiveFunctions Method

Gets information about the active function in each of this thread's frames.


HRESULT GetActiveFunctions (  
    [in]   ULONG32             cFunctions,  
    [out]  ULONG32             *pcFunctions,  
    [in, out, size_is(cFunctions), length_is(*pcFunctions)]  
        COR_ACTIVE_FUNCTION    pFunctions[]  


[in] The size of the pFunctions array.

[out] A pointer to the number of objects returned in the pFunctions array. The number of objects returned will be equal to the number of managed frames on the stack.

[in, out] An array of COR_ACTIVE_FUNCTION objects, each of which contains information about the active functions in this thread's frames.

The first element will be used for the leaf frame, and so on back to the root of the stack.


If pFunctions is null on input, GetActiveFunctions returns only the number of functions that are on the stack. That is, If pFunctions is null on input, GetActiveFunctions returns a value only in pcFunctions.

The GetActiveFunctions method is intended as an optimization over getting the same information from frames in a stack trace, and includes only frames that would have had an ICorDebugILFrame object for them in the full stack trace.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorDebug.idl, CorDebug.h

Library: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0