ISymUnmanagedWriter::GetDebugInfo Method

Returns the information necessary for a compiler to write the debug directory entry in the portable executable (PE) file header. The symbol writer fills out all fields except for TimeDateStamp and PointerToRawData. (The compiler is responsible for setting these two fields appropriately.)

A compiler should call this method, emit the data blob to the PE file, set the PointerToRawData field in the IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY to point to the emitted data, and write the IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY to the PE file. The compiler should also set the TimeDateStamp field to equal the TimeDateStamp of the PE file being generated.


HRESULT GetDebugInfo(  
    [in, out] IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY *pIDD,  
    [in]  DWORD cData,  
    [out] DWORD *pcData,  
    [out, size_is(cData),  
        length_is(*pcData)] BYTE data[]);  


[in, out] A pointer to an IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY that the symbol writer will fill out.

[in] A DWORD that contains the size of the debug data.

[out] A pointer to a DWORD that receives the size of the buffer required to contain the debug data.

[out] A pointer to a buffer that is large enough to hold the debug data for the symbol store.

Return Value

S_OK if the method succeeds; otherwise, E_FAIL or some other error code.


Header: CorSym.idl, CorSym.h

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