CorOpenFlags Enumeration

Contains flag values that control metadata behavior upon opening manifest files.


typedef enum CorOpenFlags  
    ofRead              =   0x00000000,  
    ofWrite             =   0x00000001,  
    ofReadWriteMask     =   0x00000001,  
    ofCopyMemory        =   0x00000002,  
    ofCacheImage        =   0x00000004,  
    ofManifestMetadata  =   0x00000008,  
    ofReadOnly          =   0x00000010,  
    ofTakeOwnership     =   0x00000020,  
    ofCacheImage        =   0x00000004,  
    ofNoTypeLib         =   0x00000080,  
    ofNoTransform       =   0x00001000,  
    ofReserved1         =   0x00000100,  
    ofReserved2         =   0x00000200,  
    ofReserved          =   0xffffff40  
} CorOpenFlags;  


Member Description
ofRead Indicates that the file should be opened for reading only.
ofWrite Indicates that the file should be opened for writing.

If you are using the ofWrite flag when opening a .winmd file, you should also pass the ofNoTransform flag.
ofReadWriteMask A mask for reading and writing.
ofCopyMemory Indicates that the file should be read into memory. Metadata should maintain its own copy.
ofCacheImage Obsolete. This flag is ignored.
ofManifestMetadata Obsolete. This flag is ignored.
ofReadOnly Indicates that the file should be opened for reading, and that a call to QueryInterface for an IMetaDataEmit cannot be made.
ofTakeOwnership Indicates that the memory was allocated using a call to CoTaskMemAlloc and will be freed by the metadata.
ofNoTypeLib Obsolete. This flag is ignored.
ofNoTransform Indicates that automatic transforms of .winmd files should be disabled. In other words, the projection of a Windows Runtime type to a .NET Framework type should be disabled. For more information, see Windows Runtime and the CLR - Underneath the Hood with .NET and the Windows Runtime.
ofReserved1 Reserved for internal use.
ofReserved2 Reserved for internal use.
ofReserved Reserved for internal use.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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