CorPEKind Enumeration

Contains values that describe a portable executable (PE) file, as returned from a call to IMetaDataImport2::GetPEKind.


typedef enum CorPEKind {  

    peNot           = 0x00000000,  
    peILonly        = 0x00000001,  
    pe32BitRequired = 0x00000002,  
    pe32Plus        = 0x00000004,  
    pe32Unmanaged   = 0x00000008,  
    pe32BitPreferred= 0x00000010  

} CorPEKind;  


Member Description
peNot Indicates that this is not a PE file.
peILOnly Indicates that this PE file contains only managed code.
pe32BitRequired Indicates that this PE file makes Win32 calls.
pe32Plus Indicates that this PE file runs on a 64-bit platform.
pe32Unmanaged Indicates that this PE file is native code.
pe32BitPreferred Indicates that this PE file is platform-neutral and prefers to be loaded in a 32-bit environment.


These values can be used in bitwise combinations.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0

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