CorSetENC Enumeration

Contains values used to influence behavior during the generation of metadata.


typedef enum CorSetENC {  

    MDSetENCOn                  = 0x00000001,  
    MDSetENCOff                 = 0x00000002,  

    MDUpdateENC                 = 0x00000001,  
    MDUpdateFull                = 0x00000002,  
    MDUpdateExtension           = 0x00000003,  
    MDUpdateIncremental         = 0x00000004,  
    MDUpdateDelta               = 0x00000005,  
    MDUpdateMask                = 0x00000007  

} CorSetENC;  


Member Description
MDSetENCOn Obsolete.
MDSetENCOff Obsolete.
MDUpdateENC Indicates that whereas metadata can be updated, tokens cannot be moved.
MDUpdateFull Indicates that tokens can be moved during updates.
MDUpdateExtension Indicates that updates can consist only of additions. Tokens cannot be moved.
MDUpdateIncremental Indicates that compilation is incremental.
MDUpdateDelta Indicates that only changed metadata should be saved.
MDUpdateMask Includes MDUpdateENC, MDUpdateFull and MDUpdateIncremental.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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