IMetaDataDispenserEx::GetOption Method

Gets the value of the specified option for the current metadata scope. The option controls how calls to the current metadata scope are handled.


HRESULT GetOption (  
    [in]  REFGUID         optionId,   
    [out] const VARIANT   *pValue  


[in] A pointer to a GUID that specifies the option to be retrieved. See the Remarks section for a list of supported GUIDs.

[out] The value of the returned option. The type of this value will be a variant of the specified option's type.


The following list shows the GUIDs that are supported for this method. For descriptions, see the IMetaDataDispenserEx::SetOption method. If optionId is not in this list, this method returns HRESULT E_INVALIDARG, indicating an incorrect parameter.

  • MetaDataCheckDuplicatesFor

  • MetaDataRefToDefCheck

  • MetaDataNotificationForTokenMovement

  • MetaDataSetENC

  • MetaDataErrorIfEmitOutOfOrder

  • MetaDataGenerateTCEAdapters

  • MetaDataLinkerOptions


Platform: See System Requirements.

Header: Cor.h

Library: Used as a resource in MsCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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